About Us


Likhang Maragondon is a native products enterprise that taps into the traditional craftsmanship of weaving and bamboo product making. Born out of a simple need to promote local and sustainable goods, Likhang Maragondon soon found and embraced its deeper purpose of empowering Maragondon-based artisans to support their livelihood.

From hand-knotted textile that is Habing Maragondon, to ingenious decor and products made of bamboo. Likhang Maragondon takes a bold step forward in preserving a rich tradition of art-making that would have otherwise been forgotten in today's fast-paced world.

In every intricately made garment thus is the woven story of our Lola weavers who busy their hands to keep their bodies and minds alive and moving. In every bamboo craft, the pliable genius of our manong artisans who tirelessly imagine what a raw local product can be fashioned into.

But perhaps more than the products' ingenuity, what Likhang Maragondon is most proud of is the opportunity it has created to imagine a community of dreamers and doers. It isn't just the fabrics nor the crafts we produce; more importantly. It is the purpose and pride the work instills in every artisan we support that keeps the team moving forward.

Presently, Likhang Maragondon is still a budding enterprise, looking for more talent and even finding ways to showcase what the town has to offer- from arts and crafts to native delicacies and even gastronomic secrets. But the team is getting there, slowly but surely. And it is Likhang Maragondon's hope that through the efforts it is doing it can also inspire it's own people to support local craft as a way of preserving the town's rich heritage and celebrating what is distinctly ours.




Ebeng Asuncion (Weaver)